Trip to Cape Town

So… I finally decide, enough is enough! I take a few days… Leave. And That’s exactly what i do. Climb onto de bus… And leave… Take a trip… To cape town!

The mother city of South Africa! I really do like Cape Town!

Which bus service do i take? Well, after shopping around… At teh five major bus liners… Namely, greyhound, translux, intercape, sa road link, and city to city…

Cheapest being city to city… At nearly half de price! But… As the saying goes… U pay for what u get… Let’s leave it at that… I’d hate to go and tell u all de terrible things! Shame… They try! I caught their coaches once. From Port Elizabeth till East London… Yeah… Was possibly the worst trip of my life!

Anyway… So i looked at Roadlink, translux, intercape, greyhound…. Pretty muchad de same pricing, excepting for greyhound. Greyhound… They offer some really nice specials! Students and pensioners get up to 5% discount… Pretty sweet!

Certain soccer club supporters get 10% discount… But… Here’s de cool part!

If YOU! Book online… U get a whole 10% discount! Can u imagine! Just cause u use their internet. Let’s think about this… Cause u lazy, and don’t wanna go to de bus station…. U get rewarded! Gotta love that system!


~ by gdesmedt1 on 25 October, 2008.

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