Wants Vs. Needs

So last time I promised a talk about wants and needs.

But, Wednesday happened to be a PUBLIC HOLIDAY here in South Africa. and the occcasion… Heritage day! and since 2005 it is also a National BRAAI day. Of course most of you will know “braai” as “BBQ”. here in S.A. no matter what nationailty, race, culture you are… we all LOVE “Braai-ing”! throwing that big sausage, known as “wors”, onto the fire and drinking a cold beer! … Gotta love Africa!

It’s nice, being able to chill with your friends… but… what if you don’t have the money, what if you still a student and have an exam the next day!

You WANT to join your friends… you NEED to join your friends!

think about it.. you do NEED to… don’t ya?  I mean… sitting and studying day in, day out… it makes your brain go all FUNNY! makes you think illogical thoughts… you NEED a break… you NEED to take time out… anyway… if you don’t know your work by now… YOU’LL NEVER KNOW IT!

well, yeah, the truth is… you just WANT to join your friends and you don’t really NEED to. but the desire is greater to be part of the freindship curcle then it is to be part of the study… “geeky” group.

Our WANTS, DESIRES… override our basic needs… they become… needs! often this train of thought leads us into dangerous territory. we make impulsive decisions… and 9 outta 10 times… it wasn’t worth it… was it?

You go out to buy something… you’ve been dying to buy this one item! you blow your entire salary on this item!… you go into debt.. because you NEED this item! the truth of the matter… you only wanted the item! and afer purchasing it… do you feel any better? does your life experience REALLY increase?

you bend over backwards for something, that in the end, proves fruitless!

Think about it!

Update: For more info about Braai4heritage, hit the [LINK]  … thanks spicegirl


~ by gdesmedt1 on 26 September, 2008.

2 Responses to “Wants Vs. Needs”

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  2. I’m so glad your educating those who do not know about our special braai celebrations on Heritage Day. Braai4Heritage is the new name but the game stays the same – braai to celebrate our common heritage and our South Africaness! May the Wors be With You!

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