Maslow’s hierarchy, our needs…

So I had  my little say about Want’s Vs. Needs then I remembered a pyrimad that we learnt at school…

Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs… It is a pyramid of man’s basic needs. What he says in this hierarchy is simply the following…

Physiological: We as humans are built up from the bottom, firstly, we have a basic side, a physiological side that our instincts are built upon and it’s almost anamalistic, even animals have these basic needs. we NEED to breathe, eat, sleep etc. and yes we need sex… is it something that we NEED? or on a more broader base… we need sex, cause we need to reproduce as our instincts are to choose the best mate to make sure that our species continue, just as in the animal kingdom.

Safety: We need the security, without that, we can’t trust, we can’t make decisions, we cant’… and the list continues…

Love: We need to be loved, this for some is more important then other’s, BUT no matter WHO you are… you need to be loved, you need the feeling of belonging!

Esteem: Higher up in the tier, you’re breathing, you living, you are safe, you loved by someone, are you happy… maybe… get respect of others, respect of your peers… now we talking, these are needs that we have, we work, everyday, really hard, so that we can achieve success, so that we can earn the respect of others.

Self-Actuailization: Once all the other needs have been fulfilled, once you are happy you can move to the next tier, you can move to maybe the ultimate tier. where you, as a unique human being, are fulfilled. You have the ability to problem solve, the ability accept certain inailiable truths, you have the ability… to BE!

So you ask yourself… are you able to reach that ultimate goal, that ultimate pinnacle… if you do not fulfil the basic requirements at the bottom? If you do not have the security, if you do not have the love of someone, be it family or friends, if… you are unable to afford to eat!

are you able to live, are you able to be? what will go through your mind? What will your daily activities be filled with? If you do not have food… will you run around, everyday, tryiing to get hold of food? will ALL your energy go into trying to get food?

How fortunate are some of us that are able to sit, with full tummy’s, with a roof over our heads, with… well, you get the idea…

just think about it…


~ by gdesmedt1 on 26 September, 2008.

3 Responses to “Maslow’s hierarchy, our needs…”

  1. Regarding your question about “do we need sex?”. There’s a reason “sex” as a physiological need (procreation) is seperate from “sexual intimacy” which is a love/belonging need. This is proven over and over again by people who can have sex without being in love. And for some people, sex IS money for food. Interesting theory

  2. Can I use this diagram to cut and paste into another document or is it protected? If so, who do I cite it as in my text and bibliography?

  3. Hey Trudie, you may use as you wish, but maybe there’s better images out there. Click this link as it will only show you images that are free to be used anywhere with modification:

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