Save .docx files as .doc automatically

MS Office 2007

So you’ve upgraded to Office 2007!


but now you notice that everybody else in the office or your friends can’t open any of your files! Y… because Office 2007 saves your files as .docx files and not .doc files anymore. This is a problem considering no previous version of MS Office is able to open these files!

So… here’s the solution…

 What is .docx?

It is the default file extension for saving documents in word 2007. These docx documents are essentially a bunch of zipped XML documents

Let’s see how can you change the default file save format to .doc which is widely supported in the backward version of office 2007.

1. Open Microsoft Word, click office icon at the top left.


2. Now, Click the Word Options


3. Select Save in the left pane, then select Word 97-2003 Documents from the drop down.


4. Click OK

We hope you like this small tweak, but if still you have a .docx files which you want to open in office 2003 or later version of office, try using some free web services like Zamzar or docxtodoc that can convert .docx files to .doc

Thanks to technixupdate for this tip!


~ by gdesmedt1 on 7 August, 2008.

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