Long time no post

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Man.. it’s been ages since i posted on here…

mostly posting here lately…


My first post via e-mail

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My first post via e-mail, originally uploaded by gdesmedt1.

How cool is this? I’m sending this blog post from my phone. But that i been doing all de time. Wot i am doing differently is that i’m e-mailing this post from my phone to my flickr account and flickr is sending it on to my pixturesq blog 🙂

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Glen gareth

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Glen gareth, originally uploaded by gdesmedt1.

A beautiful seaside report.

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Long time ago

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So the exams are over… and i have been officially unemployed for quite some time now!

and yet… I’ve have hardly been blogging!

I suppose when you in a routine you manage to find the time to sit down and blog, when you not in a routine… do you find time? do you bother to make time?

it’s a new year and my resolution.. become better at blogging!

Exam time!

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Ink & PenExam time!

not exactly one of my favourite periods of the year!

it quite amazing, I find time to do everything else… except study!

well, final exam is coming up 24th November 2008!

it my LAST subject for diploma!



Trip to Cape Town

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So… I finally decide, enough is enough! I take a few days… Leave. And That’s exactly what i do. Climb onto de bus… And leave… Take a trip… To cape town!

The mother city of South Africa! I really do like Cape Town!

Which bus service do i take? Well, after shopping around… At teh five major bus liners… Namely, greyhound, translux, intercape, sa road link, and city to city…

Cheapest being city to city… At nearly half de price! But… As the saying goes… U pay for what u get… Let’s leave it at that… I’d hate to go and tell u all de terrible things! Shame… They try! I caught their coaches once. From Port Elizabeth till East London… Yeah… Was possibly the worst trip of my life!

Anyway… So i looked at Roadlink, translux, intercape, greyhound…. Pretty muchad de same pricing, excepting for greyhound. Greyhound… They offer some really nice specials! Students and pensioners get up to 5% discount… Pretty sweet!

Certain soccer club supporters get 10% discount… But… Here’s de cool part!

If YOU! Book online… U get a whole 10% discount! Can u imagine! Just cause u use their internet. Let’s think about this… Cause u lazy, and don’t wanna go to de bus station…. U get rewarded! Gotta love that system!

Triton officially launched

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It’s Official…

The New Mitsubishi Triton bakkie has been launched for the South African market.

CEO Dr Hansgeorg Niefer said MBSA invested more than R200m in Mitsubishi’s new manufacturing line in East London.

“This is not a new commitment to the Mitsubishi brand, but rather a defining moment that reminds us about the manufacturing of the legendary Mitsubishi Colt in 1993, which was suggested to Mitsubishi Motors Corporation and our Daimler AG shareholders, by then Chairman of MBSA, Christoph Köpke, and which resulted in MBSA being granted the franchise to build the vehicle. In late 1994 the Colt pick-up became the first light commercial vehicle in the MBSA stable.”

Hansgeorg says that eight key employees of MBSA were sent to the Mitsubishi plant in Thailand for comprehensive training with the view to pass on the knowledge to their local teams.

“This has certainly paid dividends. These employees have been instrumental in training up all our other operators, and have done a brilliant job,” he says.

He says that the new plant and equipment investment was applied for the full refurbishment of the Mitsubishi manufacturing facilities, as well as for new systems, all of which have accelerated the production timeline of the Triton bakkies.

A variety of the equipment used in the new Mitsubishi manufacturing line has been designed and manufactured by local South African companies. In addition, numerous small and medium enterprises were employed for infrastructure changes and upgrades such as; conveyor modifications, relocation of warehouses, revised racking, lighting upgrades and many more.

The automotive industry is significant, contributing more than 7% to South Africa’s GDP. The industry has also been identified as a key growth sector of the economy.

The new locally assembled DoubleCab is already available on dealer floors.

So there it is…

Personally, I find the Look of the bakkie VERY disappointing after the tough looking Mitsubishi COLT bakkie. The Triton looks like a bakkie for a girl, and it doens’nt look as if it will last a week on South African gravel roads!

After driving one, i find the comforts in the bakkie really nice, handles fine and has enough power. For between 200 and 300 thousand Rand, it a good price and if you need a bakkie to cart things around… fine…

me… I still wouldn’t buy one tho!


Oh yeah.. if you wanna check out prices and pics.. click over HERE and destroy your humour